My github Motionia on github!

Motionia - lightweight simplified readymade animation library!

With motionia you can animate elements quickly by just one line of code!!!

Appear in a element!

fadeIn rollIn slitIn parosIn presentIn slideIn tiltIn swingIn flickerIn bounceIn scaleIn rotateIn presIn

Disappear a element!

rotateOut bounceOut rollOut slitOut parosOut presentOut slideOut tiltOut swingOut flickerOut scaleOut presOut


Slide up & down a element.

Slide up by 50px Slide down by 50px Slide up by 50% Slide down by 50%

Slide left & right a element.

Slide left by 50px Slide right by 50px Slide left by 50% Slide right by 50%

About motionia!

Motionia has a lot of potential to create anims easily, by just one line of code.

The Docs will be available soon!

Grab the docs on github!

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