Welcome to alertia!

Just add a script tag , thanks to JSdelivr and hola!

Grab this beautifull alert by just one line of code!

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to explore Alertia!

=> alertia("A random pop!");

Welcome! lets explore ALERTIA

Just add a script tag in the head of your document containing the alertia path!

Alertia is hosted on Jsdelivr you can also grab it there!

Alertia replaces the old looking JS alert like this

Alertia supports lots of animations

Different styles

Alertia basic
Alertia supports very simple commands!
alertia("A simple pop!");

Lets try Different types including Danger ,Success & normal type!

Alertia Basic
Use type: danger,normal,success
alertia("A simple pop!","success");

Alertia also supports a timer which closes the alert by a certain amount of time!

Alertia basic
Use time: 3000 // or ur choice
alertia("A simple pop!","normal",3000);

Isn't it awesome?..

Lets move on something advanced.

you can customize alertia using Basic Json type formatting.

Alertia Advanced
Use object parameter as below:
alertia({"msg":"a advanced pop!","type":"success","style": "fade","time": "3000"});

Lets change animations

Alertia contains Different types of animations like roll, slide, slit, fade....and lots more!

Alertia advanced
Use style: slit
alertia({"msg":"a advanced pop!","type":"success","style": "roll"});

Now here comes the end for more, test it by youself

A full syntax by order of alertia is given below!

Alertia syntax
Order is: msg, type, style , time
alertia({"msg":"a advanced pop!","type":"success","style": "danger","time":"4000"});

Make your Project looks awesome by alertia!

Designed & coded by: Abhi

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